problem connection servlet with Tamino server

Hi guys,
I’m trying to connect to a tamino server thru a simple
When I try to use the class TConnection It appear and error “unhandled exception type TServletAvailableException”.
Changing it by adding at the line “throws ServletException, IOException”, the command ‘TException’ it appears the error “TException is not compatible with httpServletservice”.
I don’t know how to solve this and this example it’s very simple but I can’t do it work.
Thanks a lot,

This is the code:

public class ConexionServlet extends HttpServlet {

public void init( ServletConfig config ) throws ServletException	{
    super.init( config );
    //Do nothing for now.

public void service( HttpServletRequest req, HttpServletResponse res )
throws ServletException, IOException {

	ServletOutputStream salida = res.getOutputStream();
		// Print out a program header to stdout
	salida.println( "<p>ProcessPersons sample program</p>" );
	salida.println( "<p>Connecting to Tamino database " + DATABASE_URI + ", ...</p>" );

	// Obtain the connection factory
	TConnectionFactory connectionFactory = TConnectionFactory.getInstance();
	// Obtain the connection to the database
	TConnection connection = connectionFactory.newConnection( DATABASE_URI );

// URI of the Tamino database, please edit accordingly
private final static String DATABASE_URI = "http://localhost/tamino/mydb";


The servlet interface is defined and you can’t change by adding unrelated exceptions to the throws clause.

Catch the exception in your code and do something like:

throw new ServletException(texception)

to pass the exception back out.

I think I have solve the problem now.
Thanks a lot for your reply Mark.