Proactive Port Monitoring in SAG API Gateway - AS2

Need some inputs on the recomended methods for monitoring if the SAG ports are disabled and take timely action.

We are having AS2 services exposed on our API Gateway, sometimes due to inactivity the ports are responding and we need to refresh them (enable them manually). we are looking into configuration in We methods to minimize this, in-parallel we are also looking for options to monitor this port and proactively intimate the support team their non-availability.

What are the recommended ways to have the ports monitored and email the status, do wM provide services for port monitoring, which we can customize? appreciate your ideas and throughts - thanks!

I don’t have info about “notice the issue and alert the authorities” but you might consider trying to determine why the ports become inaccessible/unresponsive. Likely still want monitoring in place but probably preferable to avoid them misbehaving instead.

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