Priority Assignment possible?

Suppose a system where there are multiple TN servers, for example, 3 TN
servers numbered as TN-1, TN-2 and TN-3, respectively, with each
TN-server comprising an IS and a RS.

When the TN-servers get started, do the all TN-servers start at the same time
(let’s call it parallel mode) or at different time (serial mode)? Please provide
with references at your convenience.

In the serial mode, can I assign a priority so that the servers start in time order as I assigned, for example, TN-2 starts first, then TN-1, TN-3 starts thereafter?
(I understand that wM can work with 2 brokers only. So multi broker servers
may beed third party’s control tool? )

In the serial mode, do the IS and RS start within the same as an TN-server starts,
or at different time? ( I understand that the IS starts first.)

If IS and RS start at different time, and suppose IS starts first, do ISs and RSs start in the order like IS-1à IS-2àIS-3 and then RS-1àRS-2 à RS3 ? or in the order alternatively like IS-1à RS-1à, IS-2àRS-2, IS-3àRS-3?

Please provide with references, too, at your best convenience.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Bright,
From RS, do you mean Repository Server?

The TN server gets started by IS when IS loads the WmTN package. When you shutdown/start and IS, the IS shutdown/start the TN automatically.

So anwaering to your question:
“When the TN-servers get started, do the all TN-servers start at the same time”

No, starting 1 IS/TN server, doesn’t start the other IS/TN servers, even though they are in a cluster.

There is no separate existance of TN or RS(Repo Server) without IS, it rides on IS.


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The order of startup in indeterminate.

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Not that I’m aware of. If you need this sort of control you’ll need to devise a mechanism.

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“wM” refers to a company named webMethods. It is not a product. So when you say “…wM can work with 2 brokers only…” it’s confusing. I assume you mean “Integration Server.” An IS instance can connect to just 1 Broker, not 2. You might have multiple Brokers within a territory and you might connect territories together. What was the point of your statement?

If you’re using the built-in RS, then IS starts and loads RS and TN. Whether RS or TN starts first is unspecified. If you’re using the separate RS, then whether IS or RS starts first is unspecified.

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[/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT]What are you attempting to achieve? Relying on server startup order is something to be avoided if at all possible. What if IS1 can’t start for some reason? Do you really want 2 and 3 to not start?

to bsingh and reamon for helpful comments.