Printing with delay and bufferpool error

I have Natural 6.2.4 over Linux Suse SLES 10.1 and when I use “write (n) …” the output seems to hung, 1 or 2 minutes and then go on. This occurs if the natparm LPTn is an lp command or a script and the script prints or write a file (cat >/usr/…). But there is another thing; if I begin other session with the same user, I receive this

sag@muleto2:/usr/sag> nat (a script = natural parm=natparmp)

    NATURAL V 6.2.4 Pl 0   Software AG 2007 

    Natural Startup Error:  16 

    Unable to open buffer pool. 
    Buffer pool error: "Internal processing error occurred"(6). 
    [u]A user must be purged, but cannot be found. 


This is the line in the natparm I use

LPT2 Auto 80 66 32767 /usr/sag/bin/catjjb D

where catjjb is a script like
cat >/usr/sag/filexxx.txt

at the moment the error appears in the new session, the first program that was in a delay, finish OK.



Did you perhaps ever get a resolution to this?

We currently have a similar situation. We get the exact same error, has migrated with the system through various versions of Natural as well.
The system does do a print to terminal via a script and I am not sure if this is the cause.