Printing in windows

REPEAT-001. REPEAT :frowning:

And what’s your problem?

i can eventually talk to the printer bur all the fields are trancated
it seems the line lenght is 35 chars

Check your profile LASER-1 for any “funny” line terminators


I have the same problem when printing colored text on an Epson, but all works fine on LaserJet.

I tried using printer profiles, but that didn’t fix the problem, so try replacing PROFILE with OUTPUT:


In your Natparms, go to Natural Execution Configuration and Device/Report Assignments. For Device LPT1, leave the Method set to GUI. Click on Setup and select your printer.

If that doesn’t work, set the Method to TTY and, again, click Setup to select your printer. That will give you black text instead of color, but at least you’ll be printing.

My workaround for this problem is to define LPT7 as a PDF utility. Once a report is generated as a PDF, you can use Windows to select a color printer, set orientation, duplexing, etc.

Most of my output goes to printer (0), with no DEFINE PRINTER statement. When a report is displayed, I enter %h and select LPTn as appropriate.

  • LPT1 - LaserJet portrait
    LPT2 - LaserJet landscape
    LPT7 - PDF