Preview of images over a portlet

Does someone have a code example about how to implement a preview portlet for images stored on a Folder?

My problem is that the images I want to preview over the portlet are stored on a folder outside of the MWS server folder.
I’d like to create a preview portlet in order to list and render the images contained in one specific folder.
I’ve tried to use the picture control but it doesn’t seem to work with URL like “file:”.

Does anyone have an idea or code sample about how to implement such a feature?

PS: I’m using MWS 7.1.3.

If you wanted to include these images with a Portlet Application, then you could place these into your Project at: //WebContent (such as /images). And then referencing each in the portlet as “/images/file.jpg

Hello Mark,

thanks for the hint with the “fe:/ui”
This was exactly what I’ve been searching for.