PRD452 - Extract Function

The function to unload and load extracts (SYSDICBE) from one database to another database leads to the error message

Function not successfully terminated
Error during check consistency
Enter ‘Y’ to to to
Coordinator FDIC (32,188)
or Main FDIC (32,201)
Enter any other value to go to coordinator Menu

I used the following actions without success:

  • refresh the coordinator file (SYSAOS)
  • refresh the coordinator file (DDA Services)
  • Consistency of Predict - checked and solved problems (DDA Services)
  • deleted all incorporations in the target enviroment

On ServLine24 are no hints to this problem.

Maybe old and unused relationships can be the problem?

Any ideas are welcome.

Dieter Storr

Select the option to go to the Coordinator FDIC. From there, you can review the Predict job reports and see what the “consistency check” condition is.