Posting parameters to a servlet using Http service

I am using the file poller to read a file and post values to a servlet. I am having the following problems:

  1. When I do not set the encoding attribute on the http service in web Methods (CONTENT-TYPE=text/html)the servlet receives all the parameters. I send a response from the servlet using response.sendError(200,“CUSTOM MESSAGE”). I am unable to get this CUSTOM MESSAGE under %header/statusMessage%. I just get a OK all the time.
  2. when I set encoding in http service in WebMEthods to CONTENT-TYPE=text/html, the servlet does not receive any thing and so the servlet is unable to send a response back.
  3. I have values retrieved from the database and posted to a servlet using the http service and I use encoding CONTENT-TYPE=text/html. The servlet receives the data and WebMethods receives the “CUSTOM MESSAGE” at %header/statusMessage%.
  4. How do I make the Http service that works with a file poller to successfully receive the “CUSTOM MESSAGE” in %header/statusMessage%.
    Thank You

Can you please elaborate a bit more on your question 4 about the requirment?I dont understand about using with file poller and http response?Since response is generating from servlet in the same http session then how filepoller will be involved in this?