Post document as webpage to webserver

Hi All
I need some advice from you experienced guys. I have one scenario in which I have to take the data from our partner in xml format through TN and put this data as a web page on our web site. Once we will get the data we want to send an email to the requested party with the hyperlink to the page we just loaded to our website.

My Question is that possible through B2B and TN? If yes could anyone give me some idea how to do this? Thanks in Advance.



We do something similar. the data in XML is converted to HTML using XSLT in our case. (we use client side XSLT in Internet Explorer), and presented to the client site. Since Each of the document in TN has a webMethods Document ID and it can be used to retrieve the document using View service of TN. We use that functionality to get access to the XML and show it over the web. I have not used XSLT feature of webMethods, but this article by Prabhu Palanisamy may help you do the job at server side as well.

read the article at [url=“”]