possibility to have a "remember me" option on an application "Natural Ajax"


It’s possible to to have an option “remember me”.

When the User is new, he must go to the login page (natLogin)
Else, the user goes directly on the application without a login page

Thank you

A “user” at what level ?

Do you have your own security built into the application ?

Is Natural Security involved ?

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@Wolfgang: "Is Natural Security involved ? "

Hello Wolfgang,

In our Natura-ajax Application, we don’t use “Natural Security”, … In fact, this feature is not installed.

Now, the user must login with natLogin (and on our mainframe= AIX , the nwo.sh)
After, there is one session for this user to navigate in pages.

All permission are managed by Natural with the variable " *USER "

In fact, I want to escape the login page when the user is known (with cookie or another solution)