positional variable "at" in Tamino 4.2.1

Does Tamino 4.2.1 support the positional variable “at”? I get the following error message: …found “at” when expecting “in”… after this xquery:

for $title1 at $i in /books/title
where tf:containsText($title1,"biology")
return <res>{/books/title[$i+1]}</res>

What I’m trying to do is to get not the title-element in which the searched text “biology” was found but only the following one. This xquery works fine with xquery-processors. If 4.2.1 does not support “at”, what’s the other way to get the result mentioned above?

Thanks a lot.


no 4.2 does not support “at”, but 4.4 does. As 4.2 is a quite old version, we recommend switching to 4.4 anyways