Portlet spontaneously stopped working (Failed to evaluate binding expression)

Dear Community,

I created a flow service, from that generated a wsd an put it in a new portlet. At first everything was finde. The portlet worked exactly the way I expected. But after a while I logged into webMethods Server and since then my portlet shows the error “failed to evaluate binding expression”. When I open Software AG Designer, go to UI Development and open my portlet in order to refresh the service I only get the error message “WSDL Error: Error parsing WSDL”.

Can anyone tell my what’s wrong with my Portlet?

Thanks in advance and best regards


It’s most likely that the wsd service is no more available. Did you make any changes to the service? Also, in the MWS logs, you should have seen more logs next to ‘failed to evaluate…’. What does it say?

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Hi Raja,
thanks for your reply. Unfourtunatly the mws log ist empty (I looked in mws under Administration->Logs). In my Portlet I included a Refresh-Button. I attached an screenshot with the resulting Error-Messages after clicking the Refresh-Button.
I didn’t change anything and I’m not sure what happend. The now displayed Error-Messages may be a result of my actions trying to repair the portlet.
Is there a way to move this Thread to the right category or would you suggest to re-post it and request a mod to close this one?

Best regards

Hello Stefan,

First you have to run the flowservice by using developer or designer.
Please change the refresh property to true in your portlet after you have to publish your portlet to MWS by using designer.

Prem Sai.

Hi Stefan,

Is there the possibility that you changed:

  • the signature of the web service method you were using ( the name of the service, the number of parameters or their names, etc)?

Can you check this?

Hope it helps,
Vlad Turian