Portal Timeout

Hello everyone.

I am having an issue with My webMethods Server for Optimize. (Portal) 6.5.1 SP2.

We were testing failover strategy with Manager Server/Console and while the IS Manager servers startup and run ok and the Controller, Datahandler and Satellite processes all run ok too, the Portal app starts, but it will only allow logins for about 5-10 minutes. After that a “page not found” error is returned in the browser. In the Portal logs it show errors about:
2007-10-19 16:30:25 EDT (Framework : DEBUG) - Closing session for user: Portal Guest
2007-10-19 16:30:25 EDT (portlet : INFO) - LoginListener.onMessage(): Captured Time out event for userID: /meta/default/user/0000002179

The unix process continues to run. In order to be able to log in again, I have to stop the portal process, run the configurator.sh script and alter the portal config and save. Then I can login for the same 5 - 10 minute timeframe before it starts timing out again.

I have re-installed all of the Portal software as well as the Portal user and schema in the database. I’ve applied all patches from when it was working.

What is strange is I used the same image to install on another server (for a different site) and it is functioning normally.