Portal - Export Table


This is regarding wM Portal 6.5 - DB Query Portlet.
On the result page we display the option ‘Export Table’ by adding
<util:param name=‘showExport’ value=‘true’/> in the PCA Layout.

By default a CSV file is generated.

Now the problem is there are some fields in the table having comma ( , ) as part of data. E.g 100,000,000

Is there any way we can specify somewhere that comma here is part of the data and not the delimiter. We can not change the way value is displayed on the screen.


In CSV the data with ‘,’ should be represented in double quotes then it is considered as a complete string.

Hi Prashant,

Thanks for your reply.

But my problem is I can not display the data in " " to the end user. Data is a number (currency).

I would like to know if there is any way of displaying value like 10,000 but inside portal takes it as “10,000” while creating the CSV.


Other way around is store the data as number without formatting i.e. 100000. While displaying it to user format the data in required format i.e. 100,000.

I haven’t worked on Portal , so I don’t know how much this will help you.