Portal Architecture.!

Hi wmusers,

I have jus recently started work on the wmPortal, but what i have trouble understanding is that how does the Portal work overall.

I read the documentation and it says that for monitoring the services created in developer we use the latest My webMethods server, but for enhanced functionality we use the portal server.

Here are my queries:

1.Is it mandatory to intall the portal server instance to use the My webMethods interface that open in a web browser, if not then how do i go about running the My webMethods server without the portal.:confused:

  1. Also how does this My webMehods interface work, is it possible to monitor all the services in the developer and do a manual resubmission for the failed services…?

  2. Another thingis that when i install the my webMethods interfaces and server from the interface the portal configurator always opens, if the my webMethods can be run without an portal server instance is this normal…?

Inputs will be grately apprecited.

thanks & reg,


The MwS (my webMethods Server) server and the Portal are one in the same. The MwS is a version (not the full blown Portal, it has certain features turned off) of the Portal software. You have to run the Portal configurator and install the Portal in order to use the MwS functionality.

The MwS is what you use to resubmit services or documents if you have auditing turned for your flow services. In addition the latest version also allows you to administer your brokers. It also handles Process monitoring and resubmission.

The MwS (Portal) actually communicates with the IS server via Web Services to allow you to query services and resubmit them.

In the future, all IS server administration will also be done via the MwS.

hi griffima,

so will it be corect to assume that wthout the portal server instance running on the machine the MwS wil not run…?

also is it possible to run the MwS without the portal instance running as some where in the documentation it was mentioned that we can run the MwS without the portal instance running…


MwS is a version of the portal server it just doesn’t have everything turned on as in the full blown portal product. When you install MwS, it will launch the Portal configurator which you must install in order for MwS to work.

I cannot enable my model because I cannot run mWmS. I get the following error:

Error in Page Validation
Portal Server has been initialized with 145 warnings!
Portal may not function properly! Please examine the log files nd try to fix the problem.

Where do I find the log files containing the 145 warnings?

hi ladson,

The error related file with respect to the portal instance server will be located in the "webMethods65Server\Portal\server\logs\default" directory on the wm installation folder. There will be a number of text log files look for the one with the largest size…

that file will have the dump of all the errors throen by ur portal server.