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Can anyone help me with the port numbers and for what we use for? for example: 5555,5500 etc. I want to know defaultly what and all ports are being used generally. Any guide available?

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Surya RK


Ports are generally used to access a transfer data with the give IP address. Say the IS is installed on a server and to communicate with IS we need a specific port - 5555 being default. We can have many ports for different purpose on IS. See Port section for different ports.

W.R.T the different ports please refer to the Administrator docs of each product to get the details.

https://techcommunity.softwareag.com/ecosystem/documentation/ is the link to download the docs using your empower credentials.

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Hi Mahesh,

That is what exactly i was looking, thank you so much for the document. You are awesome.

Thank you Arun. :slight_smile: