Populating a table through stored procedure

I m facing the issue in populating a table through stored procedure. I m invoking a stored procedure thru the connection having Transaction Type as LOCAL_TRANSACTION.
It is returning correct parameters what I m expecting but the records which should get created in the table on execution of this proc…are not in the table. We dont have any Commit statement in stored proc & we cant do it either.
I tried to use explicit commit services(startTransaction & commitTransaction) also but no luck.
Can anyone suggest How can I commit this transaction through stored proc call?

It may be returning an error that you’re not seeing.
Try adding a dummy result set (rather than having it blank). See if errors start showing up in the logs and exceptions getting thrown…

Also: are you stepping through your code? that usually stuffs up the transaction stuff

Nathan Lee

Do you have any other JDBC calls before you execute the store proc call…??

No I am just callin one adapter service for Stored proc call.

Please do try add these code below on your stored procedure :

when others then raise;

and also add try catch block on the service that call your adapter.
hopefully this will help you