[POP.001.0002] A "java.lang.NullPointerException" occurred with the Message "at com.webmethods.porta

Hi Experts,

WHat could be the reason for the following error:

[POP.001.0002] A “java.lang.NullPointerException” occurred with the Message “at com.webmethods.portal.portlet.wm_dirsearchcontext.Dirsearchcontext.getTextLinkValue(Dirsearchcontext.java:1193)”

This is been seen in the “Manage Roles” page when logged in via sysadmin for MWS.

Kindly advise some resolution if known.’


What is your IS and MWS version. Make sure you are on the latest fix levels for both.

I assume this is something to do with the .pdf file wm_dirsearchcontext.pdp

Did you try to redeploy the wm_dirsearchcontext.pdp into the /Portal/server//deploy directory ?

Give a try and update the forum.