Pls Help Urgent: How to set task status to Expired


I need help for the problem I am facing with respect to tasks.
I have a task and I have set the task expiration date in the Task Info and I have also created an event that should fire when the task expire date is less than current date and an action to set the task status as Expired.

But once the task is listed in Task List Management and the task reaches its expiry date and even though I don’t perform any activity on the task, the event is not getting fired and the task status is not being set to Expired.

Request any one of you to please reply if you have had a similar issue.



In the Events Tab,Set Event Type as Expiration Date Reached and

Event Actions as Expire Task.

May be you can try using rule expressions,when the task’s expiration date and time are reached (if specified).:

Condition expression:
#{currentTask.taskInfo.status} == “active” && #{currentTask.taskInfo.expireDate} > #{System.currentDateTime}
Result expression:
#{currentTask.taskInfo.status} = “expired”;