Please verify clock synchronization with cluster member {1}

Hi We are getting following error In Integration server

XXXXXXXXXX.XXXXXXXXX.notifications:XXXXXX_Insert_Update_Notification. Please verify clock synchronization with cluster member {1}
2010-06-14 00:34:46 PDT [ART.0114.1407W] Adapter Runtime: Illegal overlap occurred in node

Please let me know If you have information on the above error.


I’m seeing the same error in 8.0. WMUSER80, were you able to find a solution for the error?

Though not sure of this error as havn’t seen it yet, but just to double check clock time on all the IS running in cluster is same?

Yes, the clock are sync on both nodes.


Were you ever able to get to the bottom of it? I’m experiencing the same thing now with 7.1.2 cluster. I have checked the Host OS times and they are in sync and both using the same NTP Server.

i’m having the same issue with polling notifications. i tried switching to the schedule tasks method but it doesn’t work. i would have to recreate every polling notification probably.

has anyone found a solution?

We ended up running the polling notifications on just one node. So no we didn’t find a solution.

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