Please Help me in process model and give me solution

Hi All,

we are doing poc’s on processmodel,our team working on same MWS Server 7.1.1 and IS 7.1.1,i got error while enabling the process model in MWS,i found that there is already four processes created whith same name and version but project name is different,while build and uploading from designers no one of my team members got the error in designer,but while trying to enabling for execution and Analysis of these process got below error,please help me why this error is occured,why ididnot get any error saying already process is exist whith same name and version while build and upload process in designer.

how can we achieve this problem in real-time,if process model as already same name and version.

Attached the the files bit map and error files please have look.


[exception.wm_bam_process_config_details] Your last action caused an exception to occur while executing saveProcessModelToWS(). The details for that exception follow SOAPException( Client: [ISS.0088.9134] Exception occurred while processing the body of the message ). The stack follows: $ org.mortbay.jetty.servlet.WebApplicationHandler$ org.mortbay.jetty.servlet.WebApplicationHandler$ org.mortbay.jetty.servlet.WebApplicationHandler$ org.mortbay.util.ThreadPool$

Anil Kumar E

hmmm…1st things first…never ever have the same process name more than once on any designer. As when you build your process for execution although under differenct packages the same process model will get deployed and this will cause sharing of metadata. i.e different processes will have the tendency to share the same meta data causing the mess in the server. The designer would not be able to detect this as for it each time it deploys something it sees a previous version existing in the same server and just does an over write…this is why you never see an error. But functionally they are all different in the way they work…please remove all duplicate models and use one primary one for your work.

How to remove duplicate process models as mentioned here ?

Hi Merin,

Removing duplicate process model is very simple that you can go MwS and delete it, you can do this only when there are no instances, you other alternative in case instances there, need to get in db level and delete the instances and other entries as well.


HI Raj ,

Thanks for Reply , i am actually looking for db level deletion for 9.6 .

Which all tables to consider ?

Hi Merin,

here you go!!!

delete from wmprocessstep a
where a.instanceid in (select instanceid from wmprocess where
processkey like ‘%processkey%’);

delete from wmprtxref where instanceid in (select instanceid from wmprocess where
processkey like ‘%processkey%’);

delete from wmprocessrecent a where a.processkey like ‘%processkey%’;

delete FROM wmprocess a where a.processkey like ‘%processkey%’;

In case you have open instances then use below query to clear the correlation ID
delete from wmprocessassoc a where externalid like ‘corrID%’;


Thanks Raj for the instant reply - but i am in v 9.6 and the tables are different .

Any idea of tables for this version ?

Yes they are changed and different. Refer the tables below:












Thanks Mahesh and it helps !