Plans for EJB 2.0 support?


Are there plans to release a version of the Tamino API for Java which fully supports EJB 2.0?




What do you mean by “full” EJB 2.0?

With the next release of Tamino, we will deliver a JCA 1.1. implementation, i.e. a Tamino Resource Adapter or Connector.

The main difference between EJB 1.1 and EJB 2.0 are in the area of CMP beans. CMP in EJB 1.1. was completely restricted to JDBC and SQL. EJB 2.0 has introduced its own query language and the concept of a persistence managed. However, the necessary interfaces to build your own (non JDBC/SQL based) persistence managed have not be specified. So, it is still not possible to provide proper CMP solution for Tamino. Apart from that, all EJB 2.0 features can be used, using the Tamino Resource Adapter and the Tamino API for Java.

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Thanks for that. I’m interested in support for principal delegation - sec. 21.4.3 of the EJB2 spec.
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Hi Jason,

21.4.3 Principal Delegation iy really only relevant for EJB server implementors. It is something that an EJB server needs to guarantee. In the conjunction with Tamino, it is so that principal information is only used when a connection is acquired. In the current Tamino version, in the Tamino EJB API, this is done by passing user/password information. In case container authentication is used, the EJB server sets these values depending on the configuration of the used JDBC datasource. With the next Tamino version, the JCA implementation that we will provide, also allows the explicit setting of user/password when acquiring a new connection as well as the container controlled authentication. What might be of interest as well, is that in JCA, you can specify whether a connection is ‘sharable’ amongst several bean instances within the same transaction. This means that a second, third, etc. lookup() of the same resource reference within the same transaction will share the same physical connection (including the authentication settings).

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