Is someone also using the PKUnitTest package ? I was wondering if there is a newer release available than the one we have currently installed (1.1) ? I’ve checked advantage but I can’t find the package anymore…

I have a list of possible enhancements. Do you know if someone is willing to implement those ?

The last version I can find on advanatage is 1.0, it is attached to
“Samples for Integration Server 6.5”
We are using it for unit testing after fixing some of the pipeline storage handling, but there seems to be no current acitivity on the SAG side.
Nevertheless I assume it’s SAG you need to talk to if you need enhancements to the package, either for implementing them or making the source code of the Java services available to public so you can implement it yourself.
An enhancement request in brainstorm may also be worth a try. If you do so, make a referencing posting here, so you may get some points from users following the posts here.

My team would like to use this package “PKUnitTest” to regression and unit test flow and java services.

Has anyone ever used this tool before? If so, for how long have you used it and is it stable enough to use in a development environment?


It’s actually something I wrote in my spare time… Sorry for being MIA…
I’m more than happy to provide source code or even starting it up as an open source project.

Let me know.