PKIX path building failed

Integration Server** used and Keystore

“PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target”:

Please provide more details about your scenario for quicker answers.

  • Version of the Integration Server and Core fix levels
  • What actions are you are taking to see this error? Is this error seen on importing a keystore?
  • What are the log entries from the server log and the error log .


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Hi Manoj,

as far as I understand the error message correctly, the certificate contained in the keystore cannot be validated down to an issuer CA in a truststore.

Default truststore is always the cacerts file in the jre/lib/security directory of your jvm.
Additional root and/or inetermediate CA certificates should stored in a separate truststore which need to be imported to IS keystore configuration.

Can you provide some screenshots from your IS Admin UI for the “Security → Keystores” and “Seurity → Certificates” section?