Pipeline variables missing in Flow service

Hi all,

I’m experimenting with webmethods, and I’m trying to implement a basic exception try catch with SEQUENCES as the documentation says. The problem is, I can’t figure out why the output variables of the service disappear if I an editing some step. They only appear if the step I’m editing is the last. How am I supposed to alter the output in the middle of a service?

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Miguel Ping

Pipeline variables show up as carryover from previous lines, unless they are dropped. The only exception, as you noted, is that the final line will include the output variables.

Prior to that, you need to define the variable and immediately assign a value to it, even if it is a null value. That will keep it active in the pipeline.

Also note, the the developer assumes linear processing in terms of dropping variables. If you drop a variable in the first result of a branch, then the other branches will no longer show it, even though at runtime the first branch might be skipped and the variables would actually still be in the pipeline. In this case, you must again explicitly add the variable.

Adding a variable to the “Pipeline In” and mapping it to something will also keep it in the pipeline.

A trick I use is to disable all steps after the one where I want to manipulate the output var. That makes the output vars show up in the pipeline. Then once I’ve mapped something to them, they show up from there forward even after reenabling the rest of the steps.

Thanks for the info, I’m using hnhirsch’s technique :slight_smile: worked like a charm