Physical File Path not found

Hi All,

I recently installed Active transfer in a IS cluster ServerA and ServerB.
I have MWS in cluster as well on the same servers.

When I try to create a virtual folder and select Local File Path by browsing the folder structure, I cannot see the folders i created.


I can only see /home/user

I have given full permissions on the folderTest folder and still unable to see it.

The active transfer instance points to ServerA

Is there anything I am missing in the setup or is there any additional setting required ?


Can you able to see/access the folderTest directly from the ATS (IS instance) it self?



Yes. I am able to see the folder directly on the server (ATS IS instance). I have given full permissions to it as well.

What is your MWS/ATS version? Are you experiencing the issue with other folders as well?