Does anyone know where in documentation is the information about the new global - pgda-v45 or pgda-v46,…?
pgda does not exist any more …


Did you search via SYSMAIN?
The locations are not offically documented and it is not intended to do.

Hi Hardy ,

according to the empower, pgda is no longer available, as from PRD45, it is necessary to use a new gda - pgda-v45 (for prd45) and pgda-46(for prd46).

if I try to change any user exits, the new pgda-v46 will be required, and you will need to copy from SYSDICCO. I did it and, so far, it worked.

the conclusion for while it is that the information about it should be included into the documentation. it could be there, but I didnt found it ‘yet’ - if really exist. so, this way, I do need to change all user exits that use this gda. I changed some one of them, and it worked, but I am not sure (yet) if there are other changes or different behaviours.

So, if there is no documentation for it, that too bad, but, let’s go…