Persistant Storage used at 512 M


In the Usage tab in Manager. the persistant storage used is being reproted at 512 ( I am running on Win2000 ) The remaining persistent storage is reported as 0. All integrations are functioning properly. My clitnt queues are mostly of persistent type with a few using the guaranteed type. Most events are of type Persistent. I am susprised that 512 m is being used - we have a lot of integrations but still … how does the storage grow ? Is it based on the number of events defined in the broker ? If I change my events to Volatile, will I recover some persistent storage ? Does anyone know what happens when the storage is maxed out ? Will future imports of newly developed intergration fail because of this ?

Any responses will be much appreciated.


When the storage maxes out, the Broker will go down with an error: Max Persistent storage reached, 0 k bytes remaining. Though you will see clients connected, no data flow could happen.

From the adapter_ping command you can check the status of adapters running on the broker- they will show as not-connected.

Future imports of integrations will fail because of this issue.

Further, storage should be either guaranteed or volatile, since going into ES 5.0, there is no concept of persistent storage.

Hope this helps.