Periodic Group and MU Fields

I would appreciate it if somebody can give me a quick example/s of how to read/access PG or MU fields if they are defined as descriptors?

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This is not the appropriate forum for such a question. :frowning:

If you are going to code the solution in Natural, please post in the Natural on Mainframes or Natural on Open Systems forums. Otherwise, post in Adabas Basics on Mainframes or Adabas Basics on Linux, Unix, Windows.

When you do re-post on either the Natural or Adabas threads mentioned by Ralph, could you clarify what you mean by:

I presume you mean you want to search (Adabas) or FIND (Natural) by an MU that is a descriptor, or a field within a PE that is a descriptor. Is that correct?

If all you want to do is READ (Adabas and Natural) values from an MU or a field within a PE, the fact that they might be a descriptor is irrelevant so far as READing is concerned.

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The answer for your first question is: yes.
The way you asked your second question has cleared my confusion. :slight_smile:
"[color=green]a descriptor is irrelevant so far as READing is concerned[/color]"

Thank you Steve for the tip.