Performance of WebServices using Windows Platform

I am performing tests invoking web services in IS6.0.1 SP1 from a .NET Client.

The IS is in a machine with Microsoft Windows 2000 Server (SP4) , RAM – 1GB , Processor: Pentium 4 (3 GH).

The Service in IS takes 15 ms to process.

Although the client can only perform 10 requests per second.

Using Microsoft Application Center Test from Microsoft Visual Studio .NET we verified that in the first 10 seconds the performance was also 10 requets/second but then the performance increases to 150req./ second which is in accordance to what we expected.

We also had access to tests performed in UNIX environment and the results were also good.

We have tested with two JVM - The default JVM and with the SUN JVM 1.4.1 for Windows with the same results.

During this tests the CPU usage was low. Using the Microsoft Tester after the 10 seconds the CPU usage jumps to nearly 100%.

Does anybody had also experienced this performance in a Windows environment?