Performance impacts of hardware OS JVM and WM version

Recently I have noted the following observations made about webMethods IS performance by a combination of webMethods and client personnel:

  • IS version 6.0 delivers significant (>30%) performance improvements over IS version 4.6 []Intel CPU’s running at 2.8 GHz provide order of magnitude performance over Sun / Sparc CPU’s running at 400MHz and significant performance over Sun / Sparc CPU’s running at 1GHz []The IBM 1.3.x JVM consistently delivers higher performance than the Sun 1.3.x JVM except in heavy load situations on multi-CPU servers [*]Some customers are seeing the best performance from Linux on Intel Xeon CPU’s

A few questions:

  1. Do the anecdotal observations above sound reasonable based on your recent real world or benchmarking experience? []What have you found to be the best hardware / OS / JVM combination for IS 4.6, Broker 5.x, IS 6.0, Broker 6.0? []What is your experience, if any, with IS 4.6, Broker 5.x on HP/UX? [*]Are you seeing better performance from IS 6.0 on JVM 1.4.x than on 1.3.x?

Thanks in advance,