Performance impact of high HQ

Dear all,

Is there any overall performance implication caused by high number of HQ issue by a single user? HQ HWM5000

At the same time my other listing users are reported slow response.



Read-only users should not be affected by a large amount of records held by another user.

This situation would have to be monitored from different angles to find out what causes the slowdown.

This can affect other users directly only if they want to put the same record in hold for update.
However, the fact that a user is putting many records into hold indicates that it is probably updating many records in a short period of time and is using a lot of resources.
(CPU, the user may dominate the bufferpool etc)
This is typical for batch type processing.
This of course leaves less reosurces for other users and may impact their processing particular online users.

Rainer Herrmann

Thanks Wolfgang and Rainer prompt reply.

Did you ever experience bottleneck in the Directory Server or entire-network?
At the busy time, there are delay even issue simple getdbinfo command.