PeopleSoft Outbound Messages

Does anyone know how to configure messages and replies to messages from PeopleSoft side and how they are referenced from WebMethods. Does anyone have experience using with the receiveXmlAsNode service in Developer ??

Thanks in advance


Hello Ariel, we do not document the steps to create the messages on the PeopleSoft side itself. To find that information please refer to the PeopleBooks documentation that comes with the PeopleSoft software application.

webMethods does provide some “helper” services such as “receiveAMLAsNode” and “receiveXML” to assist the user in receiving and responding to PeopleSoft messages. It is not uncommon for users to find that they need to modify or even create their own services to better fit the way in which they want to deal with the PeopleSoft Outbound communication. Information pertaining to webMethods PeopleSoft Outbound functionality can be located in the PeopleSoft PIA Adapters Users Guide.

We’ve almost managed the connection to work but we still get an error with the Response Message. A response message should be defined in PeopleSoft but the documentation does not give any examples or configuration guidelines about this.
Without the response message, it seems structure information is passing through the gateway but actual data is not.