People Soft PIA Adapter.

I am sorry if the question is very naive, as i am new to this field.

Please let me know how to install People soft PIA adapter and how to get it to webmethods.

I actually configured PeopleSoft8 adapter in Web Methods 6 , But it does not give me options to see the component interfaces available in People Soft.

Thanks in Advance.


If I am understanding your question correctly your answer would be to follow the instructions in the PeopleSoft PIA Install guide to install and configure the PeopleSoft adapter on the webMethods platform.

Also, the PeopleSoft 8.0 adapter and the PeopleSoft PIA adapter are different.

Hello Dviale,

       Thank you for the reply.

Could you please explain me what is the difference between the PeopleSoft 8.0 adapter and the PeopleSoft PIA adapter, and where exactly are they used.

Why yes. The PeopleSoft 8 supports PeopleTools Version 8.0.

The PeopleSoft PIA v2.0 adapter supports(PeopleSoft PIA Adapter) is a new webMethods Integration Server adapter for integrating the webMethods Integration Platform with the PeopleSoft PeopleTools Pure Internet Architecture (PIA), which was introduced in PeopleTools 8.1x.

You can find more information about the webMethods PeopleSoft PIA Adapter 2.0 in the Bookshelf under webMethods AdaptersPeopleSoft.

Please let me know how i can download and install PeopleSoft PIA adapter.

I was actually told we can download it from the advantage site, but I could not find any installation files available.

Thank you.

Go to the Advantage website and select “Product Downloads.”
Select “Downloads for webMethods Integration Platform 6.0.1.”
Select “webMethods PeopleSoft PIA Adapter (Supports PeopleTools 8.1x, and 8.4x).”