People Picker not showing and not working


I do have a problem with the “Poeple Picker” in Business Console.

When we open a task with Business Console, if we select the “Assign To” action on the top of the screen, the People Picker popup is opened but the form is empty (See Attachment PoeplePicker1 and 2)

If I open the task and select the “Assign to users” control IN the task, The people Picker form is now present, but the current assignation is not working at all, without any erreor messages…It just doesn’t work. (See Attachment PeoplePicker_3)

If I do the same action through MWS (standard) it works.

Any Idea



It seems your PeoplePicker Gadget is corrupted. Clearing browser cache or MWS server restart might help.

If that does not solve the issue, you can raise a incident, as People picker does not require any additional configurations between BC and MWS.

Attached People Picker Gadget for reference. Ideally it should show text box to search for the users.


People Picker should have options to search for the MWS users