People Picker Dialog just won't render


tried to embed a People Picker Dialog into the standard Property Sub-Group panel of a Task Detail View, but for some reason it just isn’t rendered (although this property is hard-coded to “true”).
I further tried to move this Dialog into other panels and surrounded it with all kinds of containers.

Do I miss some point there? Does it have to be in a special container or portlet type?

Thanks in Advance.

The People Picker Dialog (PPD) needs to be opened like any other Dialog Control. Here’s a good quote from the PPD Documentation:

Like other visibility controls, this control toggles between visible and hidden through client-side JavaScript code. The toggle controls encapsulate this code within controls that you can create and configure visually using the Composite Application Framework. For more information, see “Concealable Controls

Thank you for the answer.

Does that mean I HAVE to place the PPD in a Hideable Panel and then arrange a Toggle Button to open this?
Seems a little inconvenient. I want this PPD to be there right from the start and always without toggling.

Is this possible somehow?

Oliver Böhme

You don’t have to place the Dialog into a hideable panel. A dialog sits on top of all the other UI, so the user won’t be able to interact with any other part of your page while the dialog is opened. If you want, you can toggle open the dialog when the page initially renders, but that would be an unusual user experience.

Thanks again for your help.
I finally got it working.

Now only one question remains for this topic: How do I carry the filled PrincipalList to the next Task?

From one of our experts:

Thank you again for the support.
The suggested way seemed a bit complicated, so I made up an easier attempt which at least seemed to work.

In the according User Task, I added some lines of code to the ViewDefaultviewView method completeTask().
This basically copies the String content from the PrincipalList to a field of Business Data I created for this Task (called ListOfPeople = a List of Strings).

// do the work
String[] tmp = new String[getPrincipalList().size()];

for(int i=0;i<getPrincipalList().size();i++)

// work done

So what happens is, on clicking the Complete button, the content of the PrincipalList is externalized to Business Data and available at the next step.


Now I realize that the ‘People Picker Dialog’ (PPD) has to be placed outside the portlet’s main form (by its own or on another form - hideable or not - it does not matter).

To be shown I use a ‘One Way Toggle Button’ control and its ‘For’ property filled with my PPD’s ID - and it works.

My question is: on the ‘For’ property there is a […] button to search through the controls outline but my PPD is never shown (although the default assignedPrincipalPicker PPD is) - is this by design or a bug?

Using: 8.2 SP1

Hi Gerardo,

The people picker dialog not showing up in the control picker tree is a bug.