Pending enabled adapter error when trying to enable a connection

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Currently using version 10.3. both designer and integration server

Detailed explanation of the problem:

When ever I try to enable a connection, getting status as pending enabled

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Question related to a free trial, or to a production (customer) instance?

Hi Satwik

Can you provide your connection properties for the connection.

thank you

Connection Type webMethods Adapter for JDBC Connection
Package Name DBConnection
Transaction Type NO_TRANSACTION
DataSource Class
Database Name LDMS
Port Number 1433

when you try to enable does the connection shows any error?

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remember to set minimum pool size to 0 to avoid stale connections.
Can you provide SQL Server version as well as MSSQL JDBC driver version, please?

Any Fixes applied to the JDBC adapter, ART etc.?



Hi @Holger_von_Thomsen please refer the image attached.

environment variable lacks Java path. it can be the issue?

current path for jar is:

is it correct? as per this link the path needs to be changed?

Hi Satvik,

for most of the JDBC driver jars code/jars should be sufficient, code/jars/static is only required for jars, which have a native part under lib directory.

When the jars are placed under code/jars, it only requires a simple reload of the package if any of these are exchanged.
When they are placed under code/jars/static, it always requires a shutdown and restart of IS to load the updated jars.


As an addition to what @Holger_von_Thomsen wrote, and since I had once fallen into this trap: An IS restart from the UI is not the same as shutting it down and starting up again.

The UI-level restart does not terminate the JVM entirely and some things therefore are not re-initialized. In addition to class loading stuff, this also affects things like the JVM memory settings etc.

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Hi Satvik,

the link you have shared points to an older article referring to an earlier version of webMethods IS, where it was not yet possible to have multiple instances under one installation directory.

When the page shows “Pending enabled” you can try to reload the page.
Sometimes creating the first connection in the pool can take a little bit longer than the page expects for directly switching to “Enabled”.


+100 this. :slight_smile: This is somewhat a YMMV item but in the time that I’ve been doing this I’ve never encountered a scenario where having Minimum Pool Size anything other than 0 was useful/necessary.

Also be sure to set the expire and block timeouts to something reasonable. The default of 1 second is not a good value to use for either. Expire should be just slightly less than the session timeout defined by the target DB. Block typically doesn’t much matter but depending on the usage of the pool and how often if ever all connections in the pool are used simultaneously you’ll want to specify a value that balances threads waiting too long vs not waiting long enough for the “normal” case.

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