PDF files thru IS

I have searched the forums high and low, still not getting what I need. I am receiving PDF files as attachments via e-mail. Using GetTransportInfo to get the information about the attachment (file name, type, sender, etc., etc.). I simply want to move the PDF file attachment thru IS to an external shared drive using pub.client:ftp.
The PDF file is successfully read and the ftp successfully puts it to the appropriate share drive BUT…the file is empty. Here’s the flow:

pub.io:streamToBytes (to map content from stream to bytes)

I do not want to save the attachment as a file to the local area…seems a useless step. But, I can easily ftp an existing PDF file from IS local area to the share drive and it stays intact.

Question 1: How can I simply read the PDF attachement in by e-mail and send out to share?

Question 2: How can I learn about working with different file types and what I need to do to process/move them? It seems each file type (xls, doc, txt, pdf,…) requires multiple steps to convert it from one thing to another. How and where can I learn about this? Built-In Services Reference tells little. webMethods Advantage even less. How does anyone learn to use what webMethods has to offer?

Thanks for any info and feedback!

For your last question there are wmSamples package on Advantage you can look at them but the only way you can learn about converting these things would be to get training on webMethods Development.