Pausing a target interface point for scheduled outage

I am using webMethods 6.0.1. There are times when we know that a particular server or database will be down. We do not want those interfaces to fail while these servers are down (too many error messages to deal with). In the old Enterprise Server days, we would just turn off that particular adapter and let the guaranteed documents get stored in the adapters(client’s) queue. In 6.0.1 we again have a queue for a client, but is there any way to effectively turn off an interface point for scheduled outages? I have tried disabling the trigger for the document, but this gets rid of the subscription for that document for the client so no documents get queued. We have one source and many targets, so we don’t want to turn off the source just because one target will be down. I’m thinking we will have to write some kind of custom code here, but was wondering if anyone had any ideas or if there was anything available.


Why not just leave it running? If there is a transient failure in your service, then the Integration Server will retry the operation for that document. See the “Building Integration Solutions Using Publication” guide on Advantage (in the 6.0.1 doc section) for details - I was looking specifically in the client-side queueing section.