Passing XML to a B2B service from a java Client code

I created a Webmehtods B2B Flow service whoes input is an XML file. I have generated the java client code also. I need some help to pass a XML file to this service.
Is there anybody have done this. I would really appreciate if you can help on this.


To do this, i think you should use the URLConnection class in java to post your xml to the WebMethods service. If u desire you could set the content-type but it wont be necessary considering that you would be calling the webmethods service via http post. By doing this you will be specify the paramater names on the url line in the manner of: ?xml=“whatever data u have”.

If u have multiple inputs to teh service then the format would be: ?parm1=data1+parm2=data2+parm3=…

Please reference the java class library for the URLConnection class. I think there is also an HTTPconnection class. Also, the webmethods developers user guide has a samle of how to write client code to access a flow service.