Pass string to a flow service in DSP Need Simple Example

Hello All,

I built a simple flow service that takes a string value as input and returns the same string as output - for the purposes of learning about DSP’s. Now I am trying to:

  1. Call this service from a DSP and pass the input string to it.
  2. Write the output string returned to the same page that called it (i.e. test.dsp sends the request and receives the response)

I saw another gentleman’s post that was similar in nature, however, the responses were not clear for me and his needs were a little more complex than mine.

I am not new to HTML/JSP/ASP/PHP, however, I am new to using DSP and just want a very, very simple example. My hunch is that I have been making this harder for myself than it needs to be.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!



There are some sample DSP flows provided in the WmSamples package(check in the dsp folder)and follow comments written in the flowservice Input/Output tab for how to test these DSP flows.

The sample .dsp templates are stored in the filefolders of packages/WmSamples/pub/Orders/.
It narrates how to invoke a flowservice,passing parameters using the DSP and display the results in the webpage.



Thanks for the reply!

I did consult the sample you mentioned after reading through the DSP guide, however, it was more detail than I was looking for considering my relative new-ness to using DSPs. They were passing arguments to another page, doing loop logic, and other things too; plus the comments were not exactly intuitive/explicit.

I just want a “barebones” simple example that passed in the input argument and received that output argument on the same page in order to, “draw a bead”, on the process/syntax if you will.

I apologize it that sounds stupid, however, I usually like to start crudely simple when learning something new. Do you have a simple example handy?



Please check this attached (DisplayWeb)package which narrates a sample created dsp flow which has input string(text) and output (result).

See the flowservice input/output tab under comments how to invoke this service from .dsp stored in package/DisplayWeb/pub/test/simple.dsp)

I created this package in IS6.01

Sorry if it didnt helped,


SampleDSP_Pack (5.2 k)


I appreciate that greatly!!! I took a quick peek at it after installing the package and that is exactly what I was looking for. Will examine it in detail here in a little bit.

Thanks again!