Pass Array of Values into Store Procedure & retreive bac

I have a StoredProcedure which accepts a VARRAY of values as the input & returns back VARRAY of output. How can this procedure be callled from the JDBC adapter.

Iam usng WM 6.0.1 & JDBC Adapter 6.0.1. I tried using the SQL DATA types as OTHERS & the Corresponding JDBC data type as java.lang.Object & tryed to convert the passed String array to Object, but it is not wroking. Iam getting an Invalid column Type as the error.

Insead of using the JDBC adapter we can write a custom java class to do this functionality but this wont be the proper solution.

Can some one tell me what can be done in this regard.

Custom Adapter seems to be the only solution and we are creating our own here. It is not too bad and pretty interesting.

JDBC adapter stored procedure call can support cursor value as output parameter which can return more than one rows. I could not find any thing related varray in JDBC.