Partner Manager Message Store Config

We are currently running wM IS 4.6. Partner Manager is configured to use the file system (xtn.log) for its message store.

We are trying to reconfigure partner manager to use a database for the message store but are running into problems. All configuration steps listed in the “B2B Partner Manager User Guide” have been done, the final step of which is to add the following line to the server.cnf file and restart the server:

After restarting the server, the line I just added to the server.cnf file is deleted and the partner manager goes back to using the xtn.log file.

Any ideas on how to fix this?


I think the server must be stopped first, then modify server.cnf, then start the server.

To my understanding server.cnf changes are not effective when using restart option. (it is overridden during the stop phase with the values in mem/cache)



The server.cnf file is loaded to memory when the server starts up and then it will rewrite the server.cnf file when it is shutdown. So my guess is that you are chaning the server.cnf file while the server is still running and restarting the server. Try shutting IS down and then making the change and then restart.

This implies to me that there is an error when WmPartners is attaching to the database or creating the tables in the database.

  1. IS saves a copy of the server.cnf when it shutsdown. Either use the Settings > Extended UI page to add the server.cnf parameter or edit server.cnf after IS has been shutdown.

  2. Check the IS error log.

  3. Test the DB alias that WmPartners uses to connect to the DBMS from the WmDB Alias page. If this works, then the problem may be in creating the tables.

  4. Check if the account the alias uses is allowed to create tables.

  5. See if some tables have been created in the DBMS by WmPartners (there should be a description of the schema in the doc).

  6. Check the type and version of DBMS supported with the WmPartners/IS doc.

You were both right. I first had to shut down the server, then change the server.cnf. That got the message store using the database.

I then had problems with the IS connecting to the database. This turned out to be because the webMethods B2B Partner Manager User Guide provides invalid table descriptions for SQL Server. I deleted the message log tables I created and gave the alias’s ID permission to create its own tables (via dbo access). When I restarted the server, everything worked fine (though the table structure was a bit different). I then revoked the alias dbo rights.

Thanks all…

Can you post the corrected SQL Server table definitions? Also, the specific version of SQL Server and the jdbc driver you are using.


Does IS4.6(sp1) support SQL2000 database as message store? I got the following exception when using weblogic7.0sp2 jdbc driver:


And I specify the db url as:


and driver class as:


and weblogic.jar as jar.


Hey all,

I also have a problem concering put the message store in the db.
I followed all steps in the documentation how to setup db, install database, and change the config file.
The database connecting (transactions) is working when i test it. So the database and jdbc driver are correct. I also changed the server.cnf file and add the line This is also correct and i checked it serval times.
The problem i have is that in the transactions tab under routing still say ‘Message Store: File System’ if i get an message it does not store it in the database.
I’n using mssql2000 but i think this should not be a problem. I already use the database for other things within the intergrator.
I hope u can help me with this, thanks already in advance.


Hello Erik,

Did you follow these steps:

  • Shut down the Integraion Server
  • Check the server.cnf after shutdown for the setting
  • Start the Integration Server.
    Maybe you did this, but it’s not clear from your message.


Hi Andre,

Thanks for the reply.
Yes i shutdown the server first before adding the db setting. The paramater is also visuable in the extended settings after starting the Server again.
Is the storage in the db still supported?


Did you ever resolve your issue? I am having the same problem. All my setting look correct. The server.cnf has the setting in it and in Adapters–>WmDB I have created the alias “transactions” and I can successfully connect to the database. I manually created the tables and they seem fine. But when I go to adapters–>routing–>transactions the message store is still set to “file system”. Does anyone know anything else I can check?



Is it applicable for sap adapter65 as well for pointing the logs to database?

If we want to implement with sap 65 version, wiill it fit for the same ( )