Parter Profile cert - SHA2

Hi all,

We have an urgent issue-

We have an integration in which we are having the partner profile set up -

Currently we already have the certificates added under the Partner Profile - Certificate- sign/Verify and Encryt/decrypt section. Existing cert is SHA1.

Now, vendor has provided the SHA2 certificate. Please do let us know if we need to just delete the existing one and add the new cert under Partner Profile - Certificate- sign/Verify and Encryt/decrypt section

or do we need to add somewhere else also like trust store etc.

We do have the default trust store( I don’t know the password)

any WM version newer than 8.0 shouldn’t have issue handling SHA-2 cert. in addition to adding it to TN profile, you also need to make sure the new cert’s CA root and intermediate cert are trusted, so check if they are in the trust store or not.

Thanks Tong for the reply.

So just wanted to check do we need to add the root and intermediate in default IS trust store or we need to create another trust store and add those certificates.

If we need to add in Default Trust store - then do you know default password for the same.

we created one trust store for enable HTTPS, can we add in the same trust store.

Attaching the screen shot

your server’s default trust store is configured on page:
Security > Certificates
you need to those certs added in that one.