Parsing Flat file

I am trying to parse a flat file as shown in the attached file. I am unable to accomplish this.

I have defined each record identifier as “Unlimited” but it fails to gather the 2nd set or records.

Can you please advise?

sample.doc (907 Bytes)

How you want to parse the file exactly. Whats the structure of your output Document?

It looks like a comma delimeted file with recordsWithNoID but what is the record identifier ?


How is your Schema defined…is it as Nth field option and Field seperator (,) and record seperator (newline) and recordWithNoID (RecordDefinition) with maxRepeat=unlimited??

Field Definition as (1,2,3,4,5…nth)


I have resolved this issue.

Thanks for all your responses!

Glad to hear it got resolved!!..

BTW,anything above helped you?? what was the resolution??


Although the inbound file is a CSV flat file, I had to define the schema as a heirarchy. Header Record and then the Detail record below that. Each of these was set to “Unlimited”.

This resolved the issue. The inbound csv file had multiple headers and all of those were fetched by convertToValues.


Sorry i haven’t looked at your file though…anyways it worked for you thats what we care…

But wierd thing is Header record repeats it is definetely unsual…:slight_smile: