Hi Everybody

Can anyone help me how to parse this following file.

. LABELSTRL0000000000000750711800020SYS
4A1 S0F 01I82256083413054T00P04 BOLT HEX0000210EA000000000875000001 C15087SFC0800
4A1 S0F 01I82257088614096T33P07 IGNITER 0000009EA000000105167000001 804097SFC0800
9A1 S0F 01I9159157961J646P21A BOLT,MAC0000015EA000000003417000001 820087SFC0800
4A1 S0F 01J2756006061AC-C325F-1230 FILTER 0000002EA000000076458000001 830087SFC0800
4A1 S0F 01J27561901114118T09P01 COLLER 0000007EA000000008875000001 C15087SFC0800
4A1 S0F 01J27562902714118T44P04 BLADE ST0000002EA000000058750000001 C15087SFC0800
3A1 S0F 01J27562902714118T44P04 BLADE ST0000002EA000000058750000001 C15087SFC0800
4A1 S0F 01J27563915514129T04P11 BLADE 0000003EA000000043625000001 830087SFC0800
4A1 S0F 01J27564915714129T04P12 STAGE 4 0000003EA000000043625000001 830087SFC0800
4A1 S0F 01J27565918914129T06P01 BL,CPRSR0000010EA000000043000000001 830087SFC0800
8A1 S0F 01J27566919314129T06P02 BL,CPRSR0000015EA000000043000000001 830087SFC0800
4A1 S0F 01J27567919614129T06P03 BL,CPRSR0000004EA000000043000000001 830117SFC0800
4A1 S0F 01J27568920014129T06P04 BL,CPRSR0000003EA000000043000000001 830087SFC0800
4A1 S0F 01J27569922514129T07P09 BLADE ST0000020EA000000043000000001 830087SFC0800
2A1 S0F 01J27569922514129T07P09 BLADE ST0000020EA000000043000000001 830087SFC0800
4A1 S0F 01J27570924714129T08P03 BL,CPRSR0000003EA000000043000000001 830087SFC0800
4A1 S0F 01J27571925614128T06P02 BLADE LO0000007EA000000121000000001 809097SFC0800
4A1 S0F 01J3426195021J1438P022 PACKING 0000034EA000000012042000001 804097SFC0800
1A1 S0F 01J3426295071J1438P905 PACKING 0000078EA000000000225000001 804097SFC0800
4A1 S0F 01J3426398431SSCY13318-KIT KIT REPL0000006EA000000199167000001 804097SFC0800
4A1 S0F 01J44383617814126T19P01 BEARING 0000001EA000001191333000001 820107SFC0800
4M1 S6F 01J3426923601J221P904 PACKING,0000030EA000000000078000001 820087SFC0400
. DKEND 00000000000007507118

Thanks in advance

You have to do it by your self using WmFlatFile Adapter parsing methodology…First create Dictionary/Schema and DocType out of schema according to your input flatfile.

Then for parsing use the following service flatfile:convertToValues outputs IDATA document (DocumentReference to the DocType that you have created above)


Thanks RMG.

Actually I am not able to create the flat file schema.
In between . LABEL and . DKEND there are multiple file of different record identifier.I am using record identifier and new line.
I can parse header and trailer using record identifier.
I am facing problem how to parse all the file.


How did you create different record identifiers (4A1,9A1 etc…) hierarchies defined??

LABEL(max repeat=single)
–>4A1(max repeat= unlimited)
DKEND (max repeat=single)



THanks for your valuable suggestion.
I have done it using “recordWithNoId”