Parsing CSV Flatfile with comma in the fields

Hi All,
I am learning how to parse a flatfile in webMethods. While working with CSV flatfile, I do not understand how to parse a flatfile with comma in the fields. I have parsed a flatfile without comma in the fields and is working. Kindly help me where to make the necessary configurations.


Did you review the 9-8_Flat_File_Schema_Developers_Guide.pdf

There are many topics and tutorials available on tech community. You can refer them.

If you still have issues share your CSV file and I will post the code sample at my convenient time.

Thank you for the response. So there is no direct way of handling this issue? Do I have to handle this through code?

Attach your CSV lets see what can be done.

Thank you Mahesh. It worked for me . I used release character.

NP :slight_smile:

I have a new question here. I am working on variable length flat file. I am getting

“Variable Length file format invalid, file ended before record filled” exception.

My file looks like this :
NULL 12345,Rakesh,12-08-2013,BLR,GCS
is there anything wrong is this?