Parameters to Monitor WM


We want to performance test the Trading Networks (WM). Our application uses TN and we are running a performance test for that.

Can anyone suggest the metric(s) to monitor for TN or is there any inbuilt monitoring tool kind of thing for webMethods, like we have Tivoli for WAS??

Kindly suggest, your opinion will be most valuable…


One of the simplest metrics you can capture is simple throughput. How long does it take to store and process a bunch of documents? The timestamps of the documents as seen in TN Console can give you this measurement. With this you can determine a crude docs/sec.

We have figured out that option already. And we are monitoring the throughput and response time to process a bunch of files depending on the size of the file being processed.

But wanna know any other parameter to check the stats of WM like how much memory, CPU etc it is using and any other additional params.

The stats.log files can be helpful for this. Beyond that, the usual OS-level monitoring tools may also be helpful.

is there a decryption utility or something? no, seriously…

2007-05-25 08:58:16 CDT 74000000 3ee5f870 0106 010b 0050 00e2 00000000 0019 0113 00000000 000001c5 000001b9

Yes, there is utility that can convert the hex representation to decimal. statsparse on Advantage.

thanks! I’ll check it out