Paradox JDBC driver

Hi Friends,

I’m trying to use Paradox JDBC driver (
inside wmJDBCAdapter 6.1, but not able establish the connection with database.

The database is hosted on remote machine and accessed over FTP.
The database URL used is jdbc:paradox:ftp//paradox:paradox@servername

Need know anybody implemented similar solution?

I’m able to connect and retire the data using Java service.


Please post your setings for the driver class name, it should be something like: com.hxtt.sql.paradox.ParadoxDriver

What is the specific error that you are receiving? (No need to post the entire stack trace).

See this link for more installation information.



We dropped the plan to use this driver. Thanks for your interst


This request is best replied by quoting the Paradox JDBC drivers source code:

Or, in other words: Paradox in general (and the JDBC driver in particular) do not support SQL. Thus, it cannot work with the WmJDBCAdapter.

It make sense and thanks for sharing new Paradox info: :smiley: