PANDAS-format not working

After I failed with my attemt to established a JDBC Connection to DateHub I try to use the datehub Microservice instead.

I try to use the datahub microservice to query the data.I use the “High-performance API” which have the format-option (as the doc say Cumulocity IoT DataHub - OpenAPI Specification). In reality the parameter do nothing. I send as format: "PANDAS" but the result I get back look like the default forma, what is awkward to parse.

My Query:
{"sql":"SELECT * FROM txxxxxxxxDataLake.\"pw-hmi\".txxxxxxxx.\"measurements_State_Offline\" WHERE source=241481197242","limit":1,"format":"PANDAS"}

The result have this format:


The PANDAS-Format from the documentation looks much cleaner and better to parse with normal object mapper.

Hi @David.Richter As per the API documentation it providing the right result set.
If the format is “DREMIO” the result set must have “Schema”, “rows” & “rowcount” like below


  • “schema”:[

    • “status”,

    • “severity”],

  • “rows”:[

    • ,

    • ],

  • “rowCount”: 5


If format is “PANDAS” result set must have columns and data only


  • “columns”:[

    • {},

    • {}],

  • “data”:[

    • {}]


In your API response you are getting the columns and list of data (records).
Is your requirement is to do some additional data formatting?

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Hi @Vachaspati_Diwevedi2

as you can see in my example response I get the result in DREMIO-format even I send "format":"PANDAS" in my request.
I want use the PANDAS-format because its easier to use. When I see the example here Cumulocity IoT DataHub - OpenAPI Specification it look like I get a complete objects in data that I can parse with ObjectMapper in my code. And unter columns I get information about the data type. In The DREMIO-format I don’t have information about the data types.

I build now a complex code to working with the DREMIO-format but I don’t understand why I can’t use the better PANDAS-format.